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If you live in California then you know that Earth Day this year is taking on a whole new meaning. After four years of severe drought, dry grass and hillsides, and fires, our world is now exploding with green everywhere.

And talk about flowers! The sweet scent of jasmine at night, sweet peas and roses during the day are just heaven.  The colors are inspirational and each new day is like an awakening. Oh, Mother Earth, sending us so much rain that our rivers and streams are again flowing, snow run-off from the mountains is reaching the valleys below, birds are singing, animals are mating, baby birds are learning to fly, and the sunsets are spectacular over the ocean.

The drought may be officially over, but we all found out there was no need to just waste a natural resource by keeping the water running while brushing our teeth, or taking a shower that is too long. Eliminate harmful cleaning products and use all natural baking powder for scouring, polish, or fungicide. Keep the air clean. Don't smoke. It's a disgusting habit anyhow, but do us all a favor, and just find something else to do instead of smoke.

Be kind to each other. The world and our planet is a better place if you smile. If someone insists on being right with road rage or some other ridiculous thing that may harm others, let it rest in their karma, not yours. Being a good friend is something that should be easy for us earthlings, and yet we rarely have time for each other.

Spay or neuter your pets. Having less can be better. We can care and give better lives to pets if we don't let them over-populate.

These are just few small things you can do to help be a good partner with our planet. I'm sure most of you have plenty others that you just do on a regular basis. Share them with other. Try carpooling and riding a bike (or bikepool!).

First and foremost, take a second to just think about how wonderous our planet is.

We at Brat are proud members of team Earth, and want to stand next to you...

Hope to see you soon!
Happy Earth Day



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